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WOPE Support Team April 2, 2013 1 Tips & Tricks


Have you ever tried to load hidden sections or contents based on selected tabs? It is possible using WOPE "tabs" widget and the "swap" functionality without any extern JS. It will even work on basic devices. 

Have a look on the attached pages

WOPE Support Team February 19, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone,

The gallery widget only allows 2 or 3 images in a row max, if you want to put more images in one row, you will have to do it yourself knowing that you may lose the generic aspect and may face quite a few designing problems. However, we sometimes want to benefit from the extra screen width of a tablet in order to add one or more columns. In this case, I will threat the case y = 4 but the procedure is just the same.

Problematic: "I want to my structure to display 2 images in one row on small screens, 3 on normal screens and 4 on larger screens."   

My suggestion is to combine the classic gallery-columns-x3 and our custom gallery-columns-x4, we will use the media queries for displaying selection.

The gallery-columns-x3 will be transformed into a gallery-columns-x2 server side on small screens so we can consider both small and normal screen cases done and focus on creating our custom gallery-columns-x4.

In order to simulate a correct gallery-columns-x4, you can either use a <table> structure or just the usual tags <div> and <span> with the correct css attributes which means we only want to target css3 compliant devices! We will proceed by using both server side and client side media queries for an ultimate response.

.) non css3 compliant devices: => gallery-columns-x3 (automatically converted into a gallery-columns-x2)

.) css3 compliant devices:

      -) screen width <= 600px: gallery-columns-x3

      -) screen width > 600px:  custom gallery-columns-x4

You can find an example in the attached files.

Once again, do not forget that this is a specific use, it is not meant to be a generic case. 




WOPE Support Team September 10, 2012 Tips & Tricks


It's been a couple of time peeps asked me through support ticket how to get an item to appear in between 2 other items in a links-list on user's click.

Well here is the best practice in the page attached.